Best Creative Weekend Ever!

When I found out that Tim Holtz was going to be at the Michigan Mega Meet, I decided I was taking advantage of soaking up as much from his demoing as I possibly could in three days. At the risk of being accused of stalking, I spent a lot of time observing. It is difficult to explain how genuinely talented, humorous and charismatic he is…can you tell I’m a fan!
Tim & Kaye

And then…to complete the weekend, Wendy Vecchi was demoing also, and I spent a couple of hours watching her artistry. I’ve been collecting their products forever but just not sure of myself to do anything much with them.

Well…I opened the stamps and took the     tops off the embossing paste and dry glitter. TH Cupcake Sketch3. I saw a sample at the GLMM and another one on Wendy Vecchi’s site that I used as inspiration.

Now about my photography skills…you can’t really see the raised layers here, but the elements were all raised above the card base. Took me forever…but so much fun!

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